Ridley's Advantage Card

Ridley's Family Markets has always done our best to respond to what our customers want. As a result, Ridley's introduced the Advantage Card program which is the customers key to all kinds of money saving benefits.

Ridley's customers use their Advantage Card for:

  • Extra savings on hundreds of items in the store every day
  • Become a Ridleys Medallion Customer by spending at least $50.00 every week to receive:
    • even lower prices on advertised items and Advantage Reward Items throughout the store
    • discounted tickets to local attractions including ski resorts, lagoon, and much more
    • enhanced personal check cashing services
    • discounted and free payroll check cashing
    • discounts on the items that you buy most
    • Great giveaways including free birthday cakes on your childrens birthdays
  • Lost key return service - Make sure to put your Advantage Card key card on your keys. If you lose them, the finder can drop them in the mail to us and we'll return them to you. We return over 100 key tags each year!
  • Earn a point for every dollar you spend at Ridleys (points cap at 20,000 so make sure you redeem your points frequently to get the most out of our program)
  • Use those points towards tons of free merchandise, Southwest.com Rapid Rewards Certificates, Childrens Scholarship Program or even donate them to a local charity

Don't like carrying a card around? With Ridley's Advantage Card you don't have to. Once you have signed up for the Advantage card, you can simply give the Ridley's cashier your phone number in place of the Advantage Card. Doing this will make you eligible for all of the above Advantage Card member benefits.

If you do not have a Ridley's Advantage Card already, you can sign up for one at the store. For more information click here. If you already have a card and wish to make changes or check your status, register or login here.

Ridley's Advantage Card members can access more features at shopridleys.com

  • Custom Medallion level ads
  • Customizable shopping list
  • Redeem your Advantage Card Points and get rewards and discounts
  • Sign-up to get the weekly ad and special offers through your email.

Already an Advantage Card Member - log in here

Not an Advantage Card member? Sign up at your local Ridleys Family Market. For more information click here.

**Points cap at 20,000 points!
Accounts with no purchase activity for over 2 years will be cleared of any point balances.

Advantage Card Programs

Home Town Advantage

The Home Town Advantage Program allows you to support local charitable organizations in our communities. After you have signed up for this program, a percentage of every purchase you make at Ridley's will be donated to the organization of your choice. Click HERE to sign up for Ridley's Home Town Advantage Program.

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Travel Rewards

Ridley's Travel Rewards Program was created with the frequent flyers in mind. After earning points by shopping at Ridleys (1 points for every dollar spent at Ridley's (up to 20,000) Customers can take advantage of our Travel Rewards Program by redeeming those points for Southwest Rapid Rewards Certificates! Certificates are available in 3 convenient denominations and are gift able to anyone with a Rapid Rewards account. Simply request your Rapid Rewards® certificates and we will process your request and send them to your local store to pickup with a picture ID!

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Scholarship Promise

Ridley's Family Scholarship Promise Program isn't just for parents. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, or even just friends that know a child who will be going to college some day also use this program to help fund the future expense associated with a college education. You can sign up to support one child, or several children equally. Once you do, a percentage of every dollar that you spend at Ridley's will be put into a scholarship fund for the child to use when needed. To sign up for the Ridley's Scholarship Promise Program Click HERE. *Note: Children must be at or under 10 years of age at time of sign up to qualify for this program.

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Advantage Card Rewards

If none of the above programs appeal to you, you are not out of luck. You can save your Advantage Card Points and spend them on gifts for yourself or loved ones. We have even included some gift certificates in our catalog for those of you who have finicky tastes. The good news is that you do not have to sign up for this program, if you have shopped at Ridley's using your Advantage Card, you already have points in your account to spend.